Kumbia King Dances his way into Tejano Video

Ralph Martinez III, resident of Taylor born and raised has been dancing his way through the streets of San Antonio and has aroused a few important people to say the least and now has landed him one of the best promoters in Tejanos in San Antonio, "Me"; Ms Jina Ink. yay #happyface 

Now 40 years old, residing in San Antonio Texas has been enjoying the Classic Roots that run deep in every Hispanic that lives in Texas and surrounding areas, and that's Tejano Music!!! This young talented young dancer just started doing what he loves to do, and that's just dance. Months later he began getting compliments, and compliments grew to requests on the dancefloor, and soon he was connected with PR Becky Aguero Afshari to attend a videotaping for a band who was into a video in the making; shocked as he was, he was thrilled and said yes. So, in the beginning of June of 2022, Daniel Lopez and Aventura called for Ralph Martinez to attend this video and dance to the song they videotaped, "Karma"; recording was done Hacienda Recording Studios with Michelle Chell. 

Ralph Martinez is just a simple genuine soul, loves the music loves to dance and this is his time to shine. just that simple. this simple soul is also getting over a million hit's on TikTok, too. Just another avenue that makes his story a little more interesting, People are watching from all parts of the world, for example... UK, Egypt, South America, New Zelen'd, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, Mexico, Florida, Idaho, Canada, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Louisiana, to say the least. That's what makes this fella so great, he has some major skills, and yes, I danced with him with him so that means, I passed the test. I got skills too. 

Ralph wants to mention family (Father) Ralph Martinez Jr (Mother)Mary Ann Flores, for having the love and passion growing up and showing him basically the love of Dance. They always took him to dances when he was around 8 or 9, just like the rest of us growing up, going to those Tejano Dances. 

2022 will be different for Mr. Martinez, you'll be able to see his performing live, and being able to buy his merchandise. He is being called and booked and ready for hire at private events. Call Jina Ink to make that happen if you want to book Ralph The Kumbia King, to perform at your next event. (210)772-2031 email; queenjinaink@gmail.com website www.jinaink.com

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